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Exaro Corporation provides management and operational solutions for interpreting agencies. The three main components of these solutions are: a fully integrated software application, call center and billing services, and professional collections services. Exaro products and services are designed to reduce operating costs, improve operational efficiency, improve cash flow, and facilitate growth for interpreting agencies.

Call Center & Billing Services

Allows Agency Owner to Focus on Sales

    • State of the art call center technologies
    • Professionally trained staff
    • Fully documented QA processes
    • Data redundancy and back up
    • 24/7 Database remote access to agency databaseaccess to agency database

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Collection Services

Effective Collection Strategies

    • Better control of your A/R
    • Proven legal strategies and resources
    • State of the art technology
    • Consistent benchmark results
    • Experienced team of Hearing Representatives
    • Expedited responses
    • Online status reports

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Agency Operations Software

Streamlining Agency Operations For Higher Profitability

    • Streamlined Scheduling System
    • Auto-Interpreter Search
    • Automated Billing
    • Automated Payables
    • Fully-integrated databases
    • Comprehensive case management system
    • Automated merging of legal forms

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